The Protector

Yorum Yok

The Protector is the first Turkish series made by Netflix and therefore there were really high expectations from it. For some Turks, it satisfied the expectations and for some it could have been better. In my opinion, the story is very classic (it still gives a sense of thrill though) and I was able to predict how things would process throughout the scenario.

However, one factor put this series on a special place for me. The visuality and the portrayal of Istanbul is impressing and I can sincerely say that Istanbul were never depicted that professionally and in-depth in any series before. If you already like Istanbul you will be a real lover and if you have no idea about Istanbul this series will be a great start for you to meet with this city. This is because the series itself is about “protecting Istanbul” and the excellent visual display of Istanbul is very relatable to the scenario.

That is also because the production and the cinematography of The Protector is of very high quality. Two producers of The Protector were involved in several other Netflix projects including Narcos too.

Cagatay Ulusoy

Another important point is that the main character Hakan is played by Cagatay Ulusoy, who is one of the top actors in Turkey. His handsomeness and charisma attracts many teenage girls but his skillful performance is what makes himself precious.

Cagatay Ulusoy plays the main character Hakan who is an ordinary teenager who lives in Istanbul. Hakan runs an antique shop with his step father at Kapalicarsi. His life changes for ever after he finds out he is not an ordinary guy but a special person who is supposed to protect Istanbul from “the immortals” as the previous protectors has been doing for centuries.

Hakan becomes a superhero at the first episode and we watch his adventures for 9 more thrilling episodes. The length of both the episodes and the season is very short for a Turkish series and if you want to watch a classic Turkish series rather than an innovative one, The Protector is not the right choice. I still recommend you to take a look at it because it will definitely not bore you.

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