Suskunlar(Game of Silence)

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Suskunlar is one of my most favorite series. Especially the first season of it was a piece of artwork and it gained the value it deserved and attracted millions to the televisions in Turkey.

The series is based on an unfortunate story of a group of friends: Ecevit, Bilal, İbrahim and Zeki. They are very close friends grew up together in a suburban neighborhood of Istanbul named Kuyudibi. They are almost like brothers and they know each other since birth.

Their life changes after an innocent mistake they make(they try to drive a vehicle at the age of 8-9 and they cause someone’s death.) and they go to jail(juvenile detention center actually but detention centers were almost like jails in Turkey in that time.) because of an innocent but a costly mistake.

Ecevit, Bilal and Ibrahim

The prison time becomes a trauma for them because they get raped and get brutally kicked several times in the prison by the elder children. After their time ends in jail, they take an oath for forgetting and not speaking about the things they’ve faced in prison and for not seeing each other again forever.

Years after, one of them breaks the oath and speaks out and eventually dies(You’ll relate why he dies, in the first episode). After the death of him, 3 other friends left come together again and they decide to take a revenge from the guys that have tortured them in prison years ago.

I highly recommend you to watch this TV series and it was a real hit when it was broadcasted in Turkey. The dark atmosphere of the show combined with the warm fraternity of main characters results with a unique scenario that impresses the viewer and puts you in a tangled mood. The friendly relationship between our characters are so intimate and it made me feel very close to them but it is very distressing to feel close the main characters.

Some people criticize Suskunlar because its second season was not as good as the epic first season. There are a lot of people who stopped watching it after season 2 and if you are an easy bored person you may not want to watch it. In my opinion, these responses are not because of the mediocrity of the second season but because of the first season’s high quality. I personally watched the second season too and enjoyed it. If you can keep your expectations a little bit lower than the first season, the second season will probably satisfy you too.

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