Sifir Bir

Yorum Yok

This series is a portrayal of the dark side of Adana and especially Kurtulus of Adana, which is a suburban that has the highest unemployment rate in Turkey and it is a center for almost every illegal business you could ever think. There is a saying in Turkey, even police can not get into Kurtulus. This Compton like place is like a main hero for Sıfır Bir.

Sıfır Bir has a great amount of viewers in Turkey and its fans are so passionate about it. If you like series that underground things are going on, you should not miss Sıfır Bir. Another reason for you to watch Sıfır Bir is that the story is not settled in Istanbul but in a city located in the southern part of Turkey. Almost every series I’ve mentioned in this blog is settled in Istanbul and to witness a different part of Turkey might be intriguing for you.

The Mob

This series has 3 main characters named Savas, Cio and Ozgur. These are teenagers who had born and lived at the infamous suburban of Adana and they are very close friends. Savas is the leader of other three as he is the bravest and most foolhardy amongst the three. Cio is a pretentious and intelligent guy and Özgür is a tightlipped and calm guy but he can also be very cruel in “needed” times.

The common feature of these 3 friends is their associations with crime. As they grew up in Kurtulus neighbourhood, they had not many options but going into the dark and bloody world of criminality. They always work together but sometimes their relatives and friends from the neighborhood joins them throughout the different parts of story. However there are several mobs present in their neighborhood and of course there is an ongoing fight between the mobs and Sıfır Bir displays that battle.

It is one of the new generation Turkish series which is being broadcasted online only. You can watch the episodes on BluTV, an online platform for broadcasting.

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