Sahsiyet (Persona)

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Sahsiyet is an outstanding TV series and it is currently very popular in Turkey. The positive feedbacks from the viewers can be understood from it being the highest ranked Turkish TV series on IMDB.

The main character Agah is played by Haluk Bilginer, who is an extremely talented actor and he is one of the most respectable persons in Turkey. He has played in several Turkish dramas before and the playing skills of him makes the productions extra appealing to the viewer. You can even watch the series just to witness how an excellent actor he is, like most people do in Turkey.

Cansu Dere is also a well known actress and she has taken roles in several important projects. Eysan role of her in Ezel was the peak of her career and she proved her skills there. Even today, she is almost integrated with her former role and Nevra can change her adherence.

Sahsiyet differs from other Turkish series with its duration because the average length of episodes is an hour and the usual Turkish series are at least one and a half hour long. The lengths of Turkish TV series is a highly controversial topic in Turkey and the number of series that is about 1 hour or less is increasing. It is also one of the new generation Turkish series that is broadcasted online only.

The main character is a retired court officer named Agah(Haluk Bilginer) who is living a lonely and solitary life in Istanbul’s most crowded and active neighbourhood named Beyoglu(it is also the surname of Agah). He has a daughter who lives abroad and his wife has passed away years ago.

The uniform life of Agah gets upside down after the diagnosis that indicates he is in the first phase of alzheimer and eventually he will forget all of his memories. He gets frustrated at first but then he realizes that it is actually an oppurtunity for the murder he has been planning but postponing for years. He thinks that he will not remember the murder anyway and he will not feel a twinge of guilt. This decision of him will also change Nevra’s life forever, who is a an officer who works in department of murders. Nevra is played by Cansu Dere, who were in the role of Eysan in Ezel.

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