Muhtesem Yuzyil (Magnificent Century)

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Muhtesem Yuzil successfully revolutionized Turkish televisions with several new features it brought. It is the first period drama on Turkish televisions that gained serious amount of viewers and it literally did a revolution and influenced the series came after it.

There were not any series that focused on Ottoman history before it and this makes Muhtesem Yuzyil one of the most reformist series ever made. Series with historical themes are very popular today thanks to this Ottoman drama.

Muhtesem Yuzyil focuses on the most gorgeus era of Ottoman Empire. Sixteenth century was a golden age for Ottomans and the state ruled by Kanuni Sultan Suleyman(Suleiman the Magnficent) during most of the century.

He won a lot of victories throughout the century and spent an epic time on the throne. He is said to be the most successful emperor in the Ottoman history which is about 600 years long.

Hurrem and Suleiman

The series shows his life from birth to death but he is not the only one attracting spotlights. His beloved wife Hurrem Sultan is at the center of the series and she is even more prominent in the scenario. She is known to be an extremely smart and cunning person which has very exceptional features.

Historians believe that Hurrem was a real governing power for the Ottoman Empire since she has a great impact on Suleiman’s decisions and his view over things. It is said that she was like a secret queen for the empire.

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