Kara Para Ask (Black Money Love)

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First of all, the name of the series is translated as Black Money Love but it should have been Dirty Money Love. “Kara” means black in Turkish but it also has a metaphoric meaning, Dirty Money Love would be a better translation.

The story is constructed on the cross of two strangers’ destinies after a tragic coincidence. These two strangers are the main 2 characters of the series and the main roles are shared by Engin Akyürek and Tuba Buyukustun. They are both very talented performers and they have a big role in the success Kara Para Ask has gained. It is the number one Turkish series in export revenues.

Engin Akyürek and Tuba Buyukustun

The first stranger is a police guy named Omer and he works at the eastern part of Turkey. He has chosen to become a police after of the unsolved murder of his father. That incident pushed him to become a police that works with a great devotion and he even puts his work life above his personal life often. After his great effort and admirable achievements, the police organization awards him with a 1 month vacation and he goes to Istanbul to see his family and fiancee.

The second stranger is a designer girl named Elif. She lives in Italy and designs jewelry and such stuff. She comes from a very rich family and at the meantime Omer goes to Istanbul, she also goes back to the city for her birthday organization she planned with her family.

The lives of these two strangers intercept after a tragic and mysterious car crush. Elif’s dad Ahmet and Omer’s fiancee Elif dies inside the same car. After the crush, Omer and Elif try to figure out why these two were in the same car and how did they know each other but these questions remain unanswered at first. They approach each other with suspect at first but then they work together to find the missing parts of the story and they find some clues and the story starts.

The rest of the story is mainly about the tracing the unsolved parts of the death and also we get to know about these two characters’ lifes and their relations with their family. In my opinion, the story is very classic and I wathced tens of other Turkish dramas which had similar scenarios to this series. However, if you are new to watching Turkish series, it may impress you a lot because it portrays some core elements of Turkish dramas perfectly. Do not ask what they are…

The success of the series is unquestionable because there has never been any other series which gained a greater export revenue. It is still the number one and one of the first series which opened the path of other Turkish series to the world. It gained a great success especially in South America. Leo Messi is claimed to be one ot the viewers of this series because at one of his Instagram posts, it is seen that Kara Para Ask is displayed on the screen of the TV whichi is on the background of the photograph.

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