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If you are looking for a Turkish series with a high level of action and excitement, Icerde may be the right choice for you.

Icerde has a very well selected cast and the performers reflect the tension, excitement, tragedy very well to the audience. Bensu Soral, Cagatay Ulusoy and Aras Bulut Iynemlı play three of the main characters and they are few of the most talented new generation Turk performers. Collecting these three in the same project is a movement that has to be appreciated.

Icerde means “in”, in Turkish and it refers to the secret, mole business going on in the series. In other words if you want to say “I am in” to someone you can tell it by saying icerdeyim and we hear that phrase a lot in the series.

It has a very impressive story and it owes its enormous success to that story. Sarp is a guy who graduated at the top of a police school and the first episode starts in the graduation ceremony of Sarp. However a very unexpected thing happens, Sarp fires on the director of the school during the ceremony and eventually can’t become a police but this is a fake, agreed assault made ostensibly and Sarp does this to seem like he is thrown out of the police organization because police charge him to sneak into a godfather’s mob.

Sarp’s twin brother Umut(his name is changed to Mert), who got kidnapped years ago is also a graduate of the police school but they do not know that they are brothers. Another thing that is not known is that Mert became the foster child of a godfather(the same one who Sarp wants to get close) after his early separation from his family and he becomes a police to sneak into the police organization in aid of his godfather.

The two brothers destinies intersects years after their separation although they do not know it did. The tragic thing is that they are both moles and one of them works for the police and the other works for the mafia.

IMDB: 7.4

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