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Hercai is a timely TV series which received very positive feedbacks from the Turkish viewers. It is a unique series because it does not take place in Istanbul but in Midyat. Midyat is a historical and antique city in Southeastern Turkey. Its cultural background and texture is magnificent and thanks to that, Midyat is becoming one of Turkey’s main tourist attractions, in recent years.

The story can seem a bit fantastic for you but southeastern Turkey is a region which could not leave some backward traditions behind. These traditions include women’s lack of right to speak on who to marry with. Even today, some girls get married with guys that their families agreed on.

Miran Aslanbey is a rich businessman who is preparing to start a new corporate partnership with Nasuh Sadoglu. However, their relationship is not lonely limited with business. Miran also offers him to marry his granddaughter Reyyan. (Miran is not an old guy, he is just a young guy who is making business with Reyyan’s grandpa.) However Miran is not eager to marry Reyyan with Miran but plans to marry Reyyan’s sister Yaren

I did not watch Hercai yet but I felt like I had to write something about it. The reason behind is that it is super popular now and everyone talks good about it. Feedbacks are very positive and instead of adding my comment, I wanted to make you know it.  Since I did not start the series yet, summary of it can sound deficient but I will edit it after I watch.

Cast: Serhat Tutumluer, Ayda Aksel, Onur Tuna, Serdar Ozer

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