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Fi is originally a novel written by Turkish novelist Akilah Azra Kohen and after the book received positive feedbacks from the readers, it was adapted to a series. It is an outstanding series because the length of an episode is less then usual Turkish TV series and it was not broadcasted on TV but online only. The story of it is highly absorbing for sure.

The main character Can Manay is a famous psychologist and he is a person that achieved every goal he put for himself, through his life. He is rich, well known and very succesful. He even hosts a TV show about psychology. However he comes from a life that nobody actually knows. Because of a trauma he went through during his childhood, he spent 3 years in a mental hospital and met with his life time psychiatrist Eti there. Eti created a new person out of him and even his name got changed and turned to Can Manay.

Serenay Sarıkaya

The story starts after he moves to his new house and sees his new neighbour Duru. Getting into a relationship with her becomes his main and only aim after that day but he has a big obstacle, Duru’s partner Deniz

The story of a guy who has achieved everything he wanted in life and such a challenge for that guy creates the story of this unusual Turkish drama. The cast of the show is very qualified. Ozan Guven, Seranay Sarikaya, Berrak Tuzunatac, Mehmet Gunsur are all very famous actors and actresses in Turkey. The success of the show is deeply related with the cast it has. The show gained a great number of fans even before the publication of the episodes because of the high expectations from the cast.

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