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Ezel is a legendary TV series and for a great amount of Turkish viewers, it is the best TV series that has ever been made in Turkey. Of course it is because every detail about the series is tightly constructed.

Phenomenon characters like Ramiz Dayi, the tragic relationship between Ezel and Eysan, surprising guest super stars throughout the story and a lot more factors made Ezel an unforgettable TV series. If you are a fan of action dramas and like Turkish series, you should not hesitate for a second to watch it.

The main character Ömer is a poor and naive guy who is in a relationship with his beloved girlfriend Eyşan. They are making plans of marriage and Ömer loves Eyşan more than anything in his life. Even though there are rigors in his life he always keeps his temper and achieves to be happy and optimistic. However his naiveness will cause his life to get upside down and change forever.

He joins military in order to complete his 6-month military service (It is an obligation for all Turkish males), and he dreams to marry with Eyşan when he returns. However he gets located at the center of a cruel plan while he is in the army.

Eysan, Ezel and Ali

His best friend Cengiz, his big brother like friend Ali and his girlfriend Eyşan plans a casino robbery in order to be freed of their poor lives and they decide to make Ömer the fake perpetrator of the robbery with a precise and flawless plan. Ömer gets betrayed by the nearest persons he had in his life and he goes in jail for life because of a murder Ali committed during the robbery. It hurts him more to get betrayed by the closest persons he had, than going into prison. He suffers a lot in prison both psychologically and physically by other prisoners.

Ömer’s terrible prison life changes after he meets with Ramiz in prison, who is an old and famous godfather and Ramiz becomes his comrade and trains him to become a different person from the weak and poor Ömer who has lost everything he had. After 8 years in prison, a jail riot happens and Ömer sneaks out from the prison with the help of Ramiz. He then goes under plastic surgery for his face and changes his looking completely and also changes his name to Ezel. He is now ready to sneak into his old friends’ new lives and to take an epic revenge which he has been planning for years.

Every character of the show is professionally written and deliberately played. I can’t tell you one more series which has as much memorable characters as Ezel have. It has been years since the series made its final but still the characters are known by even the people who have not watched it. Quotes and scenes from it is still shared routinely on social platforms by thousands of people. I highly recommend you to watch Ezel, it will definitely be a nice experience for you.

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