Erkenci Kus

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Erkenci Kus is the current super star of romantic comedy genre in Turkey and it won a great fame. If you are a fan of Turkish romantic comedies, it is a can’t miss series for you.

Sanem is a young girl who has been running her father’s grocery store in the mornings from her early ages because of her father’s health problems. Since her father Nihat suffers from shortness of breath in the mornings, Sanem opens the grocery store instead of his father. After staying there at mornings she spends the rest of her day with daydreaming and working on her book. She is a spontaneus, cheerful and vivacious girl despite some rigors in her life. 

Demet Ozdemir and Can Yaman

Her elder sister Lale is an exact opposite character of Sanem and she works for an advertising agency and Sanem makes a job applicaton to there because her parents tell her if she can not find a job they will find someone for her to marry. The agency accepts her application and the story starts.

The things are not going well for the agency. Sale numbers are not sufficient and there are some major problems in the workplace. Sanem finds herself in a tangled and quirky environment after she starts her new job which she was not expecting for sure. But what she were not expecting for sure was another thing. 

As it is a classic for Turkish series, an unexpected and incidental friendship starts between Sanem and Can, who is one of the two sons of the owner of the agency and he works as a director in the office.

Can is a sportive guy who does not like to be involved in work life routine and city life problems but rather wants to be in nature all the time and he likes doing activities in nature. These features of him creates a bond between him and Sanem since they are both spontaneus and full of life.

Receiving their prize in Beirut

The series is a classic Turkish romantic comedy but comes to the forefront with its tremendous success. It is currently one of the most popular series and it is especially very popular in Arab states. Two main heros of the series: Can Yaman and Demet Özdemir has recently been honored with the Murex D’or prize in Beirut as the best actor and the best actress. They are both very talented and their career is in an unstoppable rise because of Erkenci Kus. These youngsters deserve all the compliments made to them for sure. 

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