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Binbir Gece is a true classic for Turkish television history. It was the series of the firsts and it was a real record breaker. Its ratings were very crazy high and it collected the highest amount of viewers at its time.

It is the first Turkish TV series which aired a live episode. Yes, they did make an episode which has scenes that are not recorded before, the cast performed it live. You may wonder how can it be possible to perform an episode live but they did it for real. I can not explain you how they did that because I do not want to give spoilers and it is hard to explain it without talking about context of the episode. I can only tell you it was the final episode of a season.

The main character is Sehrazat and she is a lonely mother who lost her husband at a car accident. This accident leaves her behind with her 1 year old son and hard times began for her. However, her misfortune does not ends with the loss of her husband. Her son gets cancer and her tragic life gets even worse.


It comes out that marrow transplantation is needed for the treatment and she finds a donor in Azerbaijan who can give marrow to his son. However, the donor wants 200K dollars in return and Sehzade can not afford that amount of money. She visits a rich relative of her but the guy turns her down.

After her relative rejects her, she tries her chance with asking her boss. The offer she recieves back from her employer will change her life forever. I do not want to tell more about the offer. Usually summaries of this series include that offer too because it is at the beginning of the series and the whole story starts after the offer but I believe any kind of info counts as spoilers and affects your look at the series.

Halit Ergenc and Berguzar Korel are the two main characters and Korel plays the mother and Ergenc plays the boss who Sehrazat wants money from. Both of them are great performers and they got married 10 years ago after meeting by Binbir Gece and they are still married and they are amongst the most famous and liked couples in Turkey.

Halit Ergenc played the main character Suleiman at Muhtesem Yüzyıl. His role at Muhtesem Yüzyıl was the peak of his career and his role at Binbir Gece can said to be the start of his rise. If you watched Muhteşem Yüzyıl and liked his performance, it will be very interesting to watch him in the role of a rich businessman.

Cast: Berguzar Korel, Halit Ergenc, Ceyda Duvenci, Tardu Flordun

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