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Avlu is an outstanding project because it takes place in a prison which is filled by women. Prison series are a type we are familiar with but a series which takes place in a women’s ward is not usual. This distinct choice of subject makes Avlu a unique series and it definitely deserves a chance.

I must highlight its cast and especially Demet Evgar, who is in the role of main character Deniz. She is one of the most beautiful and talented actresses in Turkey and for me she is the best actress of her age. Her skills are so evident and she has a great talent of impersonating every role she plays. She portrays her character in Avlu so well and it is one of the key elements that adorns the series.

Demet Evgar

The subject of Avlu is quite tragic. Deniz is a woman who regularly gets beaten by her husband. One night while she gets beaten brutally again, her little daughter shots her father. In order to keep her daughter away from prison, Deniz takes the rap for the murder and she gets sent to prison. She meets with Azra and her friends in prison and everything starts after that point.

Azra is a leader of a group in prison and there is one more group which is leaded by Kudret, another convict in the same prison. These two groups are in conflict and the series shows us Deniz’s hard life in the prison together with the classic prison stories.

Avlu is very successful at portraying the prison life in Turkey. Critics appreciate the series because of its success in depicting the prison atmosphere bravely. For example, homosexual relationships are not usually an ingredient in the scenarios of Turkish series but Avlu includes homosexuality in its scenario from part to part and this is only one example.

Cast: Ceren Moray, Nursel Köse, Demet Evgar, Kenan Ece, Selen Seyven, Teoman Kumbaracıbaşı

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