Aski Memnu (Forbidden Love)

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Although its IMDB score is not very high compared to other series, Aski Memnu is a classic for Turkish television history.

The legendary final episode of the show got a 67.3 share of rating and that is the second highest rank in Turkish television history. Every episode of it attracted millions to Kanal D and it was a real phenomenon. Even if you meet with a Turkish person who are not interested in Turkish TV series, he had probably watched this series.

The story of it is very intriguing. Adnan Bey is a rich gentleman who runs a big family company in Istanbul. He had lost his wife years ago and lives with his two children and his nephew Behlul, who had lost his parents and lives happily in the mansion of his uncle.


Adnan also have a helper, Matmazel De Courton and she has been mentoring the children for long years and she is almost like a mother to them. They live together in a big mansion on the shore of the Bosphorus.

Adnan Bey’s life changes after he falls in love with a beautiful lady named Bihter who is a lot smaller in age then Adnan Bey. They get married despite the objections of family members and Bihter and his mother Firdevs Hanım move to the mansion after the marriage and all characters I’ve mentioned start to live together in the big mansion.

The story starts after this point because a secret flirting begins in between Bihter and Adnan’s nephew Behlul. They tragically fall in love with each other and the story goes. The show’s name means forbidden love and it refers to the dramatic love story between Bihter and Behlul.

Behlul, Adnan and Bihter

The series is adapted from an old Turkish novel carrying the same name. An interesting point about that is everyone knew the things going to happen at the final episode since the end of the story has already been written and still millions of people watched the series with a great excitement. Giving the ultimate thrill to the audience until the end is a real accomplishment when the final episode’s content is known by everyone.

It has been about 7 years since Aski Memnu’s final but still repetitions of the series are being aired on TV and it is being a Twitter trend topic every single time that the final episode is aired again. If I could recommend you one Turkish series, that would be Aski Memnu.

CAST: Kivanc Tatlitug, Beren Saat, Selcuk Yontem, Batuhan Karacakaya, Nebahat Cehre, Hazal Kaya, Nur Fettahoglu

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